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Dickens Christmas Fair 2006 December Missive #2 - Part 2
(sent December 14th, 2006)

5th Annual Sehkmet Awards and French Postcards Evening Show - December 16th 8:00PM (approx)

Each year the Adventurer's Club, in conjunction with the Dickens Fair, has been sponsoring and hosting the Sehkmet Awards (affectionately known as the "Sehkies") to honor our best in both performance and costume.
It is the Dickens Fair's own "Oscar" night,  where the wonderful talents of our cast are recognized. The nominees and award winners are the "best of the best" at the fair, and are chosen through an exhaustive process, by a panel of Dickens Fair directors.  The awards recognize the Fair's finest street, stage and musical performances, as well as the best ensemble and individual character work. 

This year, since many of the prior award nominees have not been able to attend the ceremonies due to scheduling conflicts, and since the ceremony itself is getting too large for the Adventurer's Club, we are moving it to after hours at the Victoria & Albert Music Hall and combining it with a participant-only performance of the Naughty French Postcards. This will start at approximately 8:00 depending on the speed with which security is able to clear the fair of our beloved customers. The Leather Bottle Ale Stand (near Fezziwig's) will be open for your moderate drinking enjoyment.

Special Note:  As is customary with the Sekkies, there will be a special award or two given out that evening. These will honor contributions of a "lifetime" nature or those that don't quite fit into the normal categories. Please join us that evening to help celebrate the enormous contributions made by a few esteemed members of our Dickens community. The names are kept secret until the actual ceremony...who knows what this year's honors list will hold?

The awards ceremony will take place first, followed by a special performance of Naughty French Postcards. There will be entertainment in between the shows, so there will be plenty of time for those of you with children, or who are not interested in seeing NFP to go on to other celebrations (Gaskell's, etc.). So, as of now, there is no special children's party planned.

As a celebration of what we all do, this is a participant's only event. Please remember, aside from the official NFP photographers, the NFP portion of the show is a camera-free zone. If you do take photographs or video during that portion of the show, you will be asked to leave.

We know there are other events happening in the outside world that night, but hope that you will all be able to join us in celebrating the talents of all our wonderful performers!

2006 Sehkmet Nominations
THE OLD CURIOUSITY SHOP: Best Ensemble Performance
David Copperfield, Dickens Family Parlour, Mad Sal's, Fezziwig's, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist
Christmas Pantomime, The Crummles, Le Can Can Bijou, Naughty French Postcards
Coventry Carolers, The LORS, Bangers & Mash, Paddy West, Siamsa, Brass Farthing
THE EAST CHEAP AWARD: Best Actor, East End
Dr. Walford Bodie, Fagin, Willie Quick, The Artful Dodger, Bill Sikes, Monks,The Weasel
THE BOW'S BELLS AWARD: Best Actress, East End
Polly Amory, Prue Morehead, Phoebe Prickett, Mad Sal, Nancy
Charles Dickens, Sir Mulberry Hawk, Samuel Pickwick, Edward Murdstone, Mr Everard, Major Fezziwig
Rose Maylie, Miss Murdstone, Miss Snevellicci, Estella, Miss Havisham
THE CHARLES DICKENS AWARD: Best Portrayal of a Dickens Character
Sam Weller, Samuel Pickwick, Mrs Fezziwig, Jacob Marley, Mr Monks
THE HYDE PARK AWARD: Best Male Costuming
Prince Albert, Fagin, The Constables, Fred Holliwell
THE REGENT'S PARK AWARD: Best Female Costuming
Mamie Dickens, Vicountess Hawarden, Charlotte Hogarth, Nancy, Miss Estella & Her Underwear

THE JEKYLL & HYDE AWARD: Diversity in Characterization
Sophronia Lammle/Wisteria Frost
Estella/Queen Victoria
Father Christmas/Mr Everhard
Edward Murdstone/Uriah Heep/ThaddeusTadger Thicktristle/John Browdie
INSPECTOR BUCKET'S IMMERSION IN THEATRE AWARD: Best Total Immersion Environment and Cast
Fezziwig's, The Other Books Parlour, The Green Man Inn, Fagin's Den, Paddy West, The Dickens Family Parlour
THE LITTLE NELL AWARD:  Best Work With Children
The Goblin, Trey: Professional Showoff, The Toy Parade, Father Christmas

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