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Dickens Christmas Fair 2006 December Missive #2 - Part 1
(sent December 14th, 2006)

Lot's of costume stuff today, plus a nice thank you. I'll be sending out another missive with info on Saturday night's festivities. Keep taking your Airborne (or whatever), and have a great weekend!

Oh, and here's some more press:

In This Missive:
Costume Notes from Alexandria
More From Dark Garden
California High School Costume Drive
"Adorn Thy Hair" Before Gaskell's or Sehkies
Thanks From Kathleen Morris

Costume Notes from Alexandria
Seasons cheer, fellow Dickensians! The Costume Department would like to thank everyone for their efforts on stage and in the streets this season - so many of you look so wonderful. Please remember to show off those shawls, cloaks, bonnets, gloves and scarves on the streets - no matter what the actual temperature, we've got to make everyone who enters our London believe that there WILL be snow for Christmas!
Costumes will be conducting an inventory this weekend, and in honor of that inventory, we are offering Costume Return Amnesty. That's right - that costume you borrowed a year or three ago can come home to the fair. No questions or rebukes. Tell your friends, remind those from Dickens' Past.  Drams of Single Malt or truffles will be shared as a sign of gratitude. The histories and stories within these pieces of cloth and thread and lace are powerful; the legacy of all the fine actors who have graced the Streets of Dickens' London before us. Please help those costumes continue their magical task of transformation by allowing others to wear them in their turn.
Please remember to return your borrowed pieces this Sunday before 7:30 if you are not going to be with us on the 23rd, or by 6:30 on the 23rd if you will be with us that day.
I look forward to seeing everyone again this weekend.
Alexandria Volk

More From Dark Garden
Dark Garden would like to thank everyone that participated in last weekend's raffle. We drew names of two ladies, and are working towards a third custom raffle !!. If enough tickets are purchased this weekend we might even be able to have a fourth drawing.

 As a reminder as to why this is exciting: for $5 you get a one in 160 chance to win $800 worth of corset goodness. And, even if you don't win, you've contributed to the extreme happiness of one individual for a mere $5. And those are just the numbers for the custom corset !

Tickets are sold out the first Ready to Wear Corset - that drawing will be held Saturday evening at Blow Out. It would be great if the winner were actually present this time....Thank you Mad Sal for carrying the excitement through nonetheless !

Last but not a big thank you to everyone that participates in these drawings, we will be doing a final "second chance" drawing for a free Ready to Wear corset (or $350 towards a custom) on the 23rd from all of the previous raffles, so even if your name wasn't pulled out of the hat - there's a chance it could still be.

Come on by the booth and purchase your tickets post haste !

Many thanks,
Autumn  "that's Mizz Garden to you" Adamme

California High School Costume Drive
Hello, this is Katherine Pruyn. Thank you all those who have donated so far to the California High School costume drive. For those that may not have heard, my high school was vandalized over the summer and we lost 80% of our costumes and props. If anyone has any spare costumes that may fit a highschooler, I am running a donation drive. You can drop them off at the Greenman or give them to Major Fezziwig, aka Arthur Pruyn. Thank you again to all those that have donated so far.
Katherine Pruyn

" Adorn Thy Hair" Before Gaskell's or Sehkies
" Adorn Thy Hair", in full awareness of the time constraints of the season, will be open as early as 9:00 o'clock a.m. on Saturday, December 16th. This is reminder for all those interested in a special hair-do for the ever popular Gaskell Ball. Please see us immediately upon your arrival in London so that we may insure your timely arrival at the Ball in proper style.
Please see the receptionist and leave your name.
Madame Louise, patron, and Mrs. Lewis, headmistress,
Madame Louise's School for Lady's Maids"
(aka The Braiding Booth)

Thanks From Kathleen Morris
I want to thank everyone for their concern and care last Sunday, after my mother became ill.  She fortunately only had to spend one night in the hospital, and is feeling much better. She will probably be back this weekend, terrorizing small children as usual!

The outpouring of support from everyone really helped me to get through the afternoon, and meant a great deal to Mom as well.  Instead of feeling panicked at the end of the day, I felt nurtured, and extremely lucky that both my mother and I were surrounded by such a wonderful family.  Gramercy, one and all!



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