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Dickens Christmas Fair 2006 December Missive #1 - Addendum #2
(sent December 8th, 2006)

Just one more thing...

Dark Garden would like to remind all corset enthusiasts about the corset lottery. The first drawing has yet to be held, but tickets are running out...if enough tickets are purchased this weekend we'll be able to have the drawing...and open up the next one. Tickets are still available for both the custom and the ready-to-wear corset.

"Why should I care ?" you might ask, Well, for $5 you get a one in 160 chance to win $800 worth of corset goodness. And, even if you don't win, you've contributed to the extreme happiness of one individual for a mere $5 ! And those are just the numbers for the custom corset !

Come on by the booth and purchase your tickets post haste !

Many thanks,

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