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Dickens Christmas Fair 2006 - Union Square Holiday Stroll is Tomorrow!
(sent December 6th, 2006)

The Union Square Holiday Stroll is Tomorrow!
(from Kathy Kingman - please direct any questions to her)

Hello all you jolly merry makers!

Here is your official reminder for tomorrow’s promotional event. The Union Square Holiday Stroll is tomorrow December 7th, 4:30 -8:00 pm. There will be lots of store owners and managers who are already eagerly anticipating our attendance. For anyone not familiar with what a stroll entails (besides what one hopes would be the obvious—strolling) I will remark upon what we did last week at the Jackson square gig. Several very talented and cheerful performers took to the street and walked arm in arm with each other and at times with the public speaking cockney and in general asking about each persons day. When a conversation came of this polite inquiry we asked if the person had ever been to the Dickens fair and an entire conversation was born from there. If the person had never been we talked all about the fair and how wonderful it is then we left them with a flyer and an invite to visit us wherever we might reside (adventurers club, Fezziwigs, Paddy West…) or if said person had been to the fair, we listened to them talk about how wonderful it is and how much fun they have there. It is a truly fun and easy gig that will end in the culmination of free tickets to an ACT show and free passes to our own event. Besides if it is anything like it was at the Jackson Square stroll there will be lots of free wine and cheese for us to partake of. Please e-mail me if you are going to go so that I have an accurate count for the show producers. Thanks!

I hope to see lots of people there!

Here are the specifics:
We've been asked by ACT to be involved in the Union Square Holiday Stroll, we will be handing out flyers and spreading holiday cheer on Thursday, December 7th.  The events feature festive holiday lighting, in-store parties and special promotions with all of the participating stores. There will be a very large tent set up in the square at 3:00 where you will be able to leave your things.  The Dickens Fair will have a table in the tent. We would like to have everyone meet as close to 4:30pm as possible.  I realize that this might be difficult with people's work schedules, etc. 4:30 to 8pm.  We will also be given a table inside the main tent at Union Square.  Your contact person will be there at 4:00-4:15 pm to meet you at Union Square (on Geary between Powell & Stockton)

What's in it for us?  The Dickens Fair characters will be mentioned in all of the press releases, all the ads, and on the Holiday Stroll Web site, with a link to our Web site. This is an exciting opportunity for the fair as well as for each of you because each participant will receive a certificate good for two tickets to the ACT production of A Christmas Carol, That will be above and beyond the Holly Tree Club bonus of two comp tickets per person to the fair- plus with all the holiday parties it should be lots of fun anyway. In order to get the tickets from ACT you MUST check in with the point person who will have the tickets.

Have Fun Everyone! Let us know how it went afterwards by giving us feedback at thehollytreeclub yahoo group

Kathy Kingman


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