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Dickens Christmas Fair 2006 December Missive #1
(sent December 6th, 2006)

Early missive this week so you can plan your Saturday evening. There will almost certainly be an addendum.

Oh, and a very important note... congratulations to Misha and Heather who became engaged onstage during Sunday evening's Blow Out at Sal's. She proposed and he was speechless (at first). It was grand.

In This Missive:
No Guests Backstage, Please
80s Dance Party This Saturday Evening!
Participant Tickets Clarification
More Press and "View From the Bay" Update
Notes on Tableau
British Venacular: How to Say "You're Welcome"
Comps for The Christmas Revels

No Guests Backstage, Please
Reminder: Please do not bring your non-participant guest backstage; the backstage areas are just for us. There are people changing costumes, our stuff is there and we really don't want the outside world seeing "the man behind the curtain".  Please encourage others to obey these rules as well, they are there for our safety.

80s Dance Party This Saturday Evening!
(from Mark & Chris)
Mark Solum and the beverage department have teamed up to bring you a festive night of 80s music.  Come dance your legwarmers off to the sounds of the 80's, new wave, goth and darkwave music!
There will be an open alestand with beer, wine and sodas for those that need a little liquid encouragement before shaking their thang.
8:00 til midnight at Fezziwigs.

Participant Tickets Clarification
Participant tickets are $13 and available at the merchandise booth. They can then be left at Will Call if you so desire.

More Press and "View From the Bay" Update

Update on The View From the Bay – Live Thursday 12/7 (not Wednesday) with Scrooge and Father Christmas.  ABC7 3pm – 4pm

Notes on Tableau
(from Annette Webster)
Since we are trying our best to open our doors to the public at 11 a.m., so they can get the most of their experience of Dickensian London and hopefully enrich our hardworking vendors, this backs up the time when all performers needed for the tableau need to be at Fezziwig's.  I believe 10:30 a.m. would reduce the amount of fretting going on at present as the Stage Managers recount who is needed still as the magic hour approaches.  Also, it would be wonderful if the only people needed to be allowed in and out of Fezziwig's once the curtain has been drawn, are customers who need to be escorted to the loo.  And once the tableau has actually started, the only passage back and forth should be for emergencies.

The street folk poised to cry the wonders of London have been very good at being quiet while the tableau has been going on, and in general everyone in Shed F has been very aware of the situation when the SM's wander about providing timeframes.  Thank you very much!

Annette Webster
Faire Stage Manager

British Venacular: How to Say "You're Welcome"
(from Surrey)
It has come to my British ears that our wonderful Dickens Fair casts have been using the American venacular  in response to being thanked by our patrons - "You're welcome" This, although quite delightful to this immigrating Brit years ago is not now used or ever been used by the Brits. They say with a smile "Think nothing of it" or "My pleasure" or even "Not at all" or "Good of you to say" I appreciate that 90% of our customers do not know this charming difference but in the interest of the 10% of visiting Brits could you select your response and use it? I would be most appreciative.

Thank you for all you do to make fair the most outrageous fun it is.
Surrey (Miss Havisham)
(from Bevan)
Hey Kids, Bevan is coming up this weekend to shoot video for next years podcast project called The goal is to show us as “performers and participants that know how to make fun of themselves." He needs you to get with him with your silly yet innovative ideas. Call or email him this week and represent the fresh and fun group we need the public to see us as.

If you want to see an example of how he cuts video for a project like this, go to

better yet, go to
and join the chat.

Comps for The Christmas Revels
(from Dirk Burns)
I would like to invite your cast and crew to attend opening night 12/8 or the second Friday night 12/15 of The Christmas Revels: A Theatrical Celebration of the Winter Solstice. Last year a number of your people attended and we really enjoyed their wonderful energy.
For our 21st anniversary we will feature  the songs, dance and stories of  early 19th century Quebec.  Please visit our website at for more information.

I have complimentary tickets available for Dickens Faire folk on opening night performance, Friday, December 8th and Friday December 15th at 7:30pm.  The show takes place at the Scottish Rite Theater on Lake Merritt at 1547 Lakeside Drive in Oakland.  It's about 7 blocks from the 17/19th Street Bart Station and there are several parking lots in the area too.

For tickets please email your request to me and include the following:

1) Your Name
2) Your Phone #
3) Number of tickets you want (limit 4 please)
4) Note that you are with the Dickens Faire or Red Barn Productions.

I will confirm by email and tickets will be held at willcall.

Please send your requests to

Thanks and have a happy Yule season!
In celebration,

Dirk Burns
Executive Director
California Revels

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