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Dickens Christmas Fair 2006 November Missive # - Addendum #2
(sent December 1st, 2006)

In This Addendum:
Dickens Coverage Wins an Emmy
Calling All 11/26 Sunday Datebooks!
5th Annual Sehkmet Awards and French Postcards Evening Show - December 16th

Dickens Coverage Wins an Emmy
OK, just found out about this and it's very cool...

The 35th Annual Northern California Area EMMY® Awards were presented Saturday evening, May 20 at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. The Emmy® Award honors excellence in all fields of television production.
The Emmy for Special Event Coverage went to
Dickens Fair, KRON
Henry Tenenbaum, Producer/Talent; Dean Kendrick, Videographer; Art Takeshita, Sound
For more info go to...

PS And watch some of our folks on ABC’s "The View From the Bay" on December 6 (looks like it's on at 3:00PM)
(more info here)

Calling All 11/26 Sunday Datebooks!
(from Phyllis Patterson)
To anyone who has a copy of last Sunday's Chronicle Pink Section and isn't planning to save it --or the middle section with the great Dickens stuff--  Phyllis would very much like to have as many of these as she can get. You can drop them by the Green Man and generate Enormous Good Karma! Doesn't have to be this weekend, either (though that would be lovely), just any time during the run. Thanks!!

5th Annual Sehkmet Awards and French Postcards Evening Show - December 16th
Each year the Adventurer's Club, in conjunction with the Dickens Fair, has been sponsoring and hosting the Sehkmet Awards (affectionately known as the "Sehkies") to honor our best in both performance and costume.
It is the Dickens Fair's own "Oscar" night,  where the wonderful talents of our cast are recognized. The nominees and award winners are the "best of the best" at the fair, and are chosen through an exhaustive process, by a panel of Dickens Fair directors.  The awards recognize the Fair's finest street, stage and musical performances, as well as the best ensemble and individual character work. 

This year, since many of the prior award nominees have not been able to attend the ceremonies due to scheduling conflicts, and since the ceremony itself is getting too large for the Adventurer's Club, we are moving it to after hours at the Victoria & Albert Music Hall and combining it with a participant-only performance of the Naughty French Postcards. This will start at approximately 8:00 depending on the speed with which security is able to clear the fair of our beloved customers. The Leather Bottle Ale Stand (near Fezziwig's) will be open for your moderate drinking enjoyment.

Special Note: Every year, there has been at least one special award. Sometimes these are for individual performance, sometimes ensemble. Even if you have not been specifically nominated, please join us for the end of the ceremony, where these special awards are unveiled.

Since the Naughty French Postcards is intended for an adult audience and since most children have shown little interest in the awards ceremony, we are planning a children's video party at a nearby onsite location. More details to follow.

We know there are other events happening in the outside world that night, but Sundays are not desirable for this event, closing night December 23rd is not desirable and any earlier in the run would mean that the committee would not have the time to accurately appraise the talents of all our wonderful performers.

We hope that you will be able to join us. More information on the fun with be forthcoming shortly, but I wanted to get this out to you all, so you can make plans.

Everyone have a great second weekend!

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