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Dickens Christmas Fair 2006 November Missive #4 - Timegames Addendum
(sent November 30th, 2006)

(Note from Cat - please respond to Phyllis, not to me. Thanks.)

From Phyllis Patterson
Timegames Instigator of New Dickensian Adventures throughout the Fair,

Again my heartfelt thanks for the enthusiastic response of so many of our performing arts participants!  The contacts you gave us were varied in age and far-flung through out the Bay Area. However, we have a serious timing problem brought on by a lack of response from several of the groups, troupes and students you have so well recommended.  Our email was sent out only last week due to Earleen Cecil, my assistant, having open heart surgery.

Even so, we fear that some emails may have fallen into spam-land.  If you are a "recommender", we beg of you! Please reach the contacts you originally made to obtain for us a spam proof email and a phone number.
You exclaimed that this was an exciting idea and that the students etc. were also excited.   We hate to disappoint them due to a snafu.

With all sorts of regards!

415 892 0162

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