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Dickens Christmas Fair 2006 November Missive #4
(sent November 30th, 2006)

Hello everyone and thanks for a great opening weekend!

Thanks to Denise, we have gotten some more splendid press coverage. Most of you saw the great picture of Sarah, Megan and Holly from the Stark Raven's Christmas Pantomime in last Sunday's Chronicle pink section, but there are also many more. Here are a few highlights:

Paula Christensen has been busy with articles in both the Santa Cruz Sentinel
and the Half Moon Bay Review
(Paula told me the several slight inaccuracies were not hers...)

You can see the KRON video from Jan Wahl's Saturday morning show on their website at
(click the second item on the page)

In This Missive:
To Catch A Thief
Alcohol, etc.
You Can See the Alice Characters!
The Other Books Parlour Stage
Green Man Pint Glasses Missing
Mad Maniacal Mixologists Still Wanted!!
Great Race of London Notes
Overstock Sale at Passiflora This Weekend Only
Great Rates for a Great Place to Stay Near the Fair

To Catch A Thief
As most of you know by now, we do indeed have a thief in our midst and I'm not referring to anyone from Fagin's gang. Someone with easy access to backstage and back-of-booth areas has been stealing wallets and other assorted items. Security has been stepped up, but there are a lot of people at the fair and we need your help. Please do not leave valuables unattended in your areas and keep your eyes open for anyone who does not belong there. If you see someone in the wrong place, get a good look at them and tell a security guard or go to the Operations Trailer in the breezeway. Thanks.

Alcohol, etc.
Please remember that those under 21 should not be drinking or even touching alcohol at any time. Violations of this rule could lose us our liquor license and that would be very bad. *Illegal* intoxicants are illegal everywhere, using them at the fair could get us shut down. Please don't do it or you will be asked to leave.

You Can See the Alice Characters!
There has been some question as to whether we all can see the Alice characters, as compared to the Christmas Carol ghosts, which we "cannot". Yes, you can see them, just as you can see the non-ghost characters from Dickens novels.

The Other Books Parlour Stage
(from Therese and Rydell)
The Other Books Parlour - located in Pickwick Square (across from the Green Man) - is a real, live stage with real, live scenes going on almost continually throughout the Fair day.  The Other Books cast would very much appreciate it if participants respect this space as they would any other stage.  Please do not choose this as your favoured venue for conversation or walk directly in front of the action oblivious of your surroundings.  Our guests do that but they have an excuse - they're in the overwhelming grip of the magic we're creating and might not immediately see what is going on.  We who make the magic, however, should respect and support all of our performing environments including this one.

Green Man Pint Glasses Missing
(from Kathleen)
The Green Man Public House wishes to tender most earnest and sincere thanks to the many performers who made our Parlour a successful venue this weekend. It was wonderful, and we do hope you will all return to accomplish further wonders this coming weekend.

However: the person or persons unknown who took our pint glasses is now formally under the Curse of John Barleycorn. You are advised to return the glasses immediately. Otherwise, your bread will not rise, your beer will not intoxicate, and all your loved ones will develop yeast infections.

Kathleen Bartholomew

Mad Maniacal Mixologists Still Wanted!!
(from Carol Goodman)
Applications for our fabulous mixing contest are flowing in.  But, there is still room for a few more maniacal mixologists to enter. Pick up your contest application from any manager at Mad Sal's Alehouse.  Your application, and a $5.00 entry fee must be turned in by closing of the second weekend of fair to the same ale stand.

The mixed drink contest will be held on Sunday December 17th at 11:00 AM.
Your drink must have a festive holiday or proper Victorian name and it may not contain more than two ingredients that are not normally used at the ale stands.
A maximum of 25 entrants will be judged by a panel of five experts from across the fair.
The winner will receive a small cash prize and the status of having their drink served at Mad Sal's Dockside Alehouse on the final day of fair.

Questions may be directed to

Great Race of London Notes
(from Peter Overstreet)
We accomplished EXACTLY what we set out to do...which is to pack 40-50 people into Mad Sal's before Blowout!
It was thrilling watching a huge mass of bodies running after us as we set out for the race. AMAZING!
Thanks again to everyone who helped!

The Great Race of London needs bodies for a triumphant parade for our heroes. That's right...if you're available between 5:30pm-5:45pm, and you have clappers, whistles, drums, or just plain enthusiasm, come join us. We're thinking of having Junquebucket and Thicketristle enter the starting line with a heroes' procession! If you're interested, please see me at 5pm (I'll be dressed as Tadger...the jungle explorer guy with the weird facial hair) Backstage near Other Books. The more the merrier. Even if you just want to cheer us on with signs, union jacks...whatever...please, join us! The Great Race works as a let's make a spectacle of ourselves!

IF your cast would like to stage an "obstacle" for The Great me at: and we'll talk it over. Make it big...make it silly....make it weird! This is your Race too!

Overstock Sale at Passiflora This Weekend Only
(from Paula)
Passiflora is having a special sale on selected pewter perfume bottles and trinket boxes. Up to 20% off this (2nd) weekend only. Additional participant discount for cash (with pass and ID). We are overstocked on certain items and need to pare them down to a normal supply. Last week many participants were overheard commenting on being back for an item or gift hinting to friends. If that sounds familiar come by and see if yours is on sale.

Great Rates for a Great Place to Stay Near the Fair
(from Kevin Patterson)
The Radisson Hotel San Francisco Airport
Tel# 650-745-1515
Fax# 415-467-4440
Only $79 double occupancy (regularly $149) MUST mention Dickens Fair Group rate.

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