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Dickens Christmas Fair 2005 - Special Promotional Missive #2

(sent November 30th, 2005)

Special Quick-Take Promotional Missive from Kathy

Special quick-take Promotional Missive!
ACT Holiday Stroll! Thursday December 1  - Free ACT Tickets you ask?  Read on...
Thursday December 1st is the Union Square holiday stroll. The holiday stroll is a giant meet and greet-a-thon! Don your jackets and bonnets and walk the square meeting the gentry and heralding the fair! The event begins at 4pm and lasts until 8pm. Come in costume to get your Dickens Fair complimentary tickets, and free ACT theatre tickets. Remember you do not have to verify with Kathy that you are invited to go. EVERYONE with a costume and an accent is invited. Kathy only asks that you email her to let her know a general idea of the number of people we will have there. This was a very fun and successful event last year so try to go for the fun of it all! Thank you everyone!

Bring an Umbrella AND bring any flyers you have not passed out yet.  We are running out already (and we printed 60,000!).  Please show up in costume. You will have to pay for your own parking so carpooling is suggested.

The event takes place in Union Square, there will be a white tent set up for us and the ACT members who are also participating. At the tent you will find Promotional materials for you to pass out. You may also meet Bob Crabb, who is the point person there at 4pm and several times through out the evening. Bob will be handing out the tickets for our volunteers. You may also get information on who will be handing out the tickets for ACT. Bob will not be at the tent all night. He will be performing throughout the night so find him with his carolers if you cannot be there by 4pm: PLEASE do not interrupt him while he is performing! It is highly recommended that you leave your belongings in the trunk of your car. There is a spot provided for you but it is not secure. You may show up any time after 4pm and stroll about until you are done. The ACT Tickets will be available toward the end of the event. They are available on a first come basis until they are gone (but there should be plenty for everyone to get a voucher good for 2).
Special Celebrity Ring out for Salvation Army December 9
The Salvation Army is teaming up with local celebrities and The Great Dickens Christmas Fair to bring the Celebrity Ring to Union Square. Local Celebrities will be taking the place of Santa for a brief time and will help to raise money for charity. Dickens fair characters are invited to walk amongst the crowd to distribute flyers and add to the holiday atmosphere. It is a work day during work hours so please send this notice out to your friends with flexible work schedules! Once again you do not have to confirm with me that you are going however please shoot an email to me so I have an idea of how many people to expect. Thank you everyone!
Details: The sight of the red kettle and the sounds of the silver bells have become heart-warming symbols of the holiday season.  This year, those bells will take on a  whole new meaning as the annual Salvation Army Celebrity Bell Ringing on Union Square celebrates its SILVER ANNIVERSARY, Friday, December 9, 2005, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Twenty five years ago Honorary Chair Charlotte Shultz started it all. Little did she realize what a tradition the event would become.  Charlotte will be honored for her creativity, commitment, charisma and cache along with other several other generous friends of The Army at a thank you ceremony on Union Square at noon.
Whether you are a seasoned bell ringer or new to the kettle and cause, whether you want to ring bells, sing, dance, work the microphone, be silly or all of the above. We need you.  Just pick a time slot between 10:00 and 2:00 p.m. Bring your talent!  Ring a bell with a "partner" or strike out on your own spreading the joy of the holiday season and the spirit of giving. If you know any Christmas carols feel free to lead the audience in song!
Please show up in costume and be ready to meet and greet and hand out flyers. You may not be asked to ring a bell personally but your presence there is invaluable to promote the fair.
Thank you everyone! E-mail Kathy at if you have any questions.

Cat Taylor
Missive Maven
Director of Entertainment for the Dickens Christmas Fair
Red Barn Productions

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