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Dickens Christmas Fair 2006 November Missive #3 - Opening Weekend!
(sent November 22nd, 2006)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Thanks to everyone who was at the Round Robin on Sunday. I know not everyone could stay for the whole hour due to building needs and other time critical issues, but it was great for all of us to see what other characters we have to play with at the fair. If you want to know more about Dickens' characters, please visit
which has an alphabetical listing with descriptions, and the cool Dickens Glossary at

Check out the Napa Valley Register article at

I know we're all crazy busy today, so my remaining notes will be brief. There's a bunch of information in the missive today, both informative and fun. Take a deep breath, and this weekend remember to eat, drink water, silence your cel phones and...

Shoes first, then corset!


In This Missive:
Pass House Hours
Lost & Found
Reminders from Fezziwig's
Restroom Etiquette
Notes From The Green Man Inn
Customer Survey Volunteers Needed
Annie's Hoops & Hair
Mad Maniacal Mixologists Wanted!!
Dark Garden Corset Raffle !!!!
Queen Elizabeth Dress Stolen
Google Earth's Historical Maps

Pass House Hours
Open Friday-Sunday 8:00AM-3:00PM
The pass house is located in the green room bay, opposite costumes. This is where you would go to replace a lost pass (be careful with those things!) and deal with any similar paperwork issues. This is also where visiting performers check in, so if you see any lost looking morris dancers or carollers, please assist them in finding it.

Lost & Found
For the audience, lost and found will be at the Merchandise Booth at the front of the fair. For participants, it will be at the Ops Trailer in the breezeway. Please be careful with credit cards, ID, etc. we had a number of such things turned in last weekend and others lost and still unrecovered. Thanks.

Reminders from Fezziwig's
(from Barbara Evangelista)
Two reminders for all participants from Fezziwig's:
1. Fezziwig's is "live" at 10am, so no anachronism's inside!

2. Please be quiet in the Fezziwig bay during the tableau (approx. 10:55 - 11:15am). We know we can't control the customers in the lobby, but every little bit helps.

Restroom Etiquette
Please remember not to change your clothes in the public restrooms after 10:30 AM.  - we do have customers being escorted into the bathrooms even before we open, and we don't want to completely dispel the illusion before it's even been set.

Also, please try and use the privies backstage whenever possible, rather than the public restrooms, especially when things get really busy. I am promised we'll have two handicapped privies this year, especially helpful for those of us in hoops.

Notes From The Green Man Inn
(from Kathleen)
The Green Man Public House will be ready at 11 AM on Opening Day to receive its usual jolly holiday customers. All participants are welcome to come in and mingle with the guests. Water and lemonade are free at all times; tea and potable spirits By Subscription (see Mrs. Bombay). Please remember at all times that we are NOT  the Green Room, and stay in costume and character. Please remember, too, that there are scheduled shows in the Parlour from time to time: improvisations are always welcome, but must accommodate the regular set pieces. Do come see us!

Mrs. Ariadne Bombay,

Customer Survey Volunteers Needed
(from Shannon)
Did they miss Mad Sal’s? Buy a Banger? Carry home a craft?  Inquiring minds want to know and you can help!  We need volunteers to administer a 5 question survey to our patrons as they stand in line to buy tickets and again as they leave the show. Receive 2 Run of Fair comps and the satisfaction of helping us make improvements for next year.  Shifts are only 2 hours long:  11am-1pm and/or 3pm-5pm.  Meet, greet and make a difference!  Call (800) 510-1558 or send an e-mail with subject line “Volunteer” to


Annie's Hoops & Hair
(from Annie Lore)
These people have hoop or hair orders to pick up at the costume shed, since we didn't connect on Saturday (unless you already got them): Athena, Erin, Alicia, Lesley. Your names are on them!
Annie Lore

Mad Maniacal Mixologists Wanted!!
(from Carol Goodman)
If you crave glory, if you desire prestige, have I got a contest for YOU!
The Beverage Department will be holding a mixed drink contest on Sunday December 17th at 11:00 AM.
Your drink must have a festive holiday or proper Victorian name and it may not contain more than two ingredients that are not normally used at the ale stands.
A maximum of 25 entrants will be judged by a panel of five experts from across the fair.
The winner will receive a small cash prize and the status of having their drink served at Mad Sal's Dockside Alehouse on the final day of fair.
Pick up your contest application from any manager or bartender at Mad Sal's Alehouse.  Your application, and a $5.00 entry fee must be turned in by closing of the second weekend of fair to the same ale stand.
Questions may be directed to

Dark Garden Corset Raffle !!!!
(from Autumn)
Dark Garden Corsetry had such an outpouring of support and appreciation for the corset raffles that again this year we will be holding raffles as our way of thanking everyone who loves our corsets, and helping a few of you to get your own, your very own Dark Garden corset.  Raffles will be held during Mad Sal's Finale.

The winner will receive a Dark Garden custom corset, fitted to you, in your choice of our available fabrics. Tickets will be on sale at the Dark Garden Booth for $5 each starting at 10:00AM on Saturday.  Please note we are only selling enough tickets to cover the cost, and as soon as we have sold enough we will hold the drawing at the Mad Sal's Finale. The drawing (not the results) will also be announced at the French Postcard show. You do not need to be present to win and the gift certificate will be redeemable for either a male or female corset.

You may buy a raffle ticket for your friend or sweetheart or even send a ticket as a gift through the telegraph office.

If there is sufficient interest, we will offer two coinciding raffles - one for a custom corset, and another for a Ready-to-Wear corset. Custom tickets are $5 and Ready-to-Wear $3

Since Christmas is a time for giving, all of the tickets that are entered in any of this season's drawings will be entered into a "second chance" drawing to win another ready-to-wear corset paid for by Dark Garden on the final day of Fair.

Please note that we will not start selling tickets till 10AM, so please do not ask for them earlier.

Queen Elizabeth Dress Stolen
(from Deborah Doyle)
Many of you have heard by now, the beautiful dress I wear as Queen at some of the Renaissance Faires was stolen from my San Francisco garage over the weekend. The heavy velvet skirt, bodice and sleeves are out there somewhere. As you browse the thrift stores, pawn shops and other low h’establishments, for costume bits and other fripperies, do keep it in mind. The SFPD is relatively hopeful since the dress is unique, but your eyes on the street are much more likely to spot it.

Postings have gone up on guild and faire lists, on Tribe, mySpace and Craigslist. Ebay and Craigslist postings are also being monitored.

If you see it, do call me or the police (non-emergency 415-553-0123)

Did I mention?  Generous Reward Offered.

Deborah Doyle
cell: 415-269-0540

Google Earth's Historical Maps
Google Earth has added a bunch of historical maps as overlays for it's program.  Among them are a few of interest to us: for instance, the famous 1843 map of London has been scanned at high-res and overlaid on modern London.  Neat stuff, and worth a look-see!

(Miss Radcliffe, Fezziwigs)

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