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Dickens Christmas Fair 2006 November Missive #1 - Addendum
(sent November 10th, 2006)

Hi everyone, just a couple of quick things:

Re: The Timegames Missive: Please respond to Phyllis Patterson at the email address posted at the end of the Timegames missive <> rather than replying to me. I am just the messenger but have gotten rather deluged with responses. Thanks very much.

Also, if you have an item for the missive (I reserve the right to politely edit them) please email me complete items, ready for posting, by Wednesday evening for the Thursday missive. I invariably get new items within an hour after sending the missive out...

Thanks again and see you very soon...


In This Missive:
Mission Dispatch Article
Do you have the Answer??
Telegraph Booth Seeks Coal

Mission Dispatch Article
Nice article in the Mission Dispatch, even if they used an old (but very cute) picture.
The first of many such articles we hope!

Do you have the Answer??
(from Annye Bone)
'Questions Answered' is looking for a few cheery and knowledgeable (will train) folk to be Faire's founts of information.  We do this by wandering at leisure about the Faire wearing or carrying a sigh that says. . .  wait for
it. . .  "Questions Answered." 

Customers will ask questions, and we shall give them answers.  You will be asked the speed of an unladen European swallow (; what time is Postcards?; how high is the moon, and yes, where are the bathrooms.  If need be, you may even make up answers - though not about schedules, and emphatically not about bathrooms.

It's a fun gig, and you get to spend all day entertaining the customers.  I look forward to hearing from you at  <> or 415.515.2188.

Telegraph Booth Seeks Coal
The Telegraph Booth is DESPARATELY looking for pieces of coal to send to all you naughty little Victorians.  If anyone has a source  please contact me.  I am looking for about 30lbs. but I will take what I can get.  Thanks a bunch!!  Karen Porter,

To sign up for the missives, please email, and request to be added to the missive list.

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