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Dickens Christmas Fair 2005 November Missive #2
(sent November 10, 2005)

Well, the last missive should have been November #1, but I missed that. We're all a little too busy these days, aren't we?

Thank you all for a great first weekend of Dickens workshops. I know there weren't quite enough workshops Saturday afternoon, we had a LOT of folks and not only was I missing two teachers due to other commitments, but we had the TV shoot that involved quite a few of us. Never fear, there are plenty more workshops this coming weekend and a slightly limited offering the following Saturday at the Cow Palace. (schedule to follow)

Speaking of the TV filming, many thanks to everyone involved in the "Inside City Limits" shoot! Someone heard the crew commenting on the way out that we really had things together for them, which is fabulous! The show is scheduled to air on ADN Channel 11/Cable 23 in San Francisco, Wednesday November 23rd through Saturday November 26th as follows:

Wednesday 11/23  9:00pm
Thursday 11/24   8:00pm
Friday 11/25  6:30pm
Saturday 11/26  6:30pm

TV shows like this are very important to get the word out to the public that we are *the* happening place to spend their holiday weekends. Kathy Kingman ( - not is putting together lots of fun ways for you to help with these promotional efforts. The best way to find out more is to go to and join the Holly Tree Club. There's a calendar and all sorts of downloadable files.


In This Missive:
Sad News About a Fair Family Member
Dickens Carolers Coming From Montana
Can-Can Bijou Cafe
Hilary Ayer's Victorian Language Workshop Online
Workshop Clarification on "How Do I Know You"
Dark Garden .pdf Files Online
Macbeth Needs WITCHES and a BOY ACTOR!
Book Characters Still Wanted
Play With the Can-Can!
Timegames: It Takes Two (or more) to Play This Game!
Cheap Hair!
Calling Card Email Address Repaired

Sad News About a Fair Family Member
From Phyllis:
It is with deep sadness that I must announce the departure of a great and compassionate friend, compelling story-teller, and accomplished artist and cook (the Rum Cake booth) - Beau Darrough died Tuesday evening Nov. 8th of advanced cancer in his liver, lungs, and esophagus. He was only correctly diagnosed last week at Stanford hospital. Beau was only 52 and many will miss his intelligence, vibrance and humor.

If you wish to send messages to his partner David Real the address is:
Cherry Hill Antiques
884 Emerald Bay Rd
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Dickens Carolers Coming From Montana
As many of you know, Robert Young coordinates visiting performing groups to our fair Fair. This year our fame has spread as far as Montana and this group is raising money to travel to San Francisco to perform at the Dickens Fair on December 3rd. (Anna Benincasa found this online at  (search for ("Dickens" on the page)

"Hamilton Players A Capella Society Sing-A-Thon (10 continuous hours of choral music) to raise funds for singers to travel to San Francisco to perform at The Great Dickens Christmas Fair. Sponsorship is $5 per hour. Info: 375-9050."

Pretty cool, huh?

Can-Can Bijou Cafe
from Cybele:
Welcome one and all to the Bijou Café served by our lovely French ladies a selection of sandwiches, homemade goodies as well as hot and cold beverages! As a fundraiser to pay for our new Can Can boots we will be serving Breakfast and Lunch second weekend of workshops.
There will be lots of tasty homemade treats for sale as well all day long so come by our table and buy, buy, buy, so we can kick, kick, kick!!

Instant Oatmeal $1.50
Muffins $1.00
Croissant rolls $1.00

Sandwich Types: Tuna, Egg Salad, Turkey, Roast Beef $3.00-4.00
Vegetarian Pasta salad (Saturday only) $4.00
Spinach Cheese Pies (Sunday only) $4.00

Soda and other drinks including bottled water. $1.00
Coffee (French Roast and Decaf) & Tea  $1.50

Bake sale items (prices will vary):
Pumpkin Scones
Mini bundt cakes - lemon and strawberry
Homemade Cleaver Fudge
Fresh made sweet breads (like banana nut)

Hilary Ayer's Victorian Language Workshop Online
from Alexander:
(please note that this is a supplement to taking the class, not a substitute)
Hilary Ayer graciously allowed Alexander Blazej to post audio recordings of the Upper Class Victorian Speech classes.  To download a copy browse

Workshop Clarification on "How Do I Know You"
from Hilary:
Someone mentioned to me that he had started to come to "How Do I Know You", and then decided not to come in because it "was only for Theme Dickens Characters". No, really, it's for everybody, Dickens or historical or vendors or... It is meant to teach people how to have a 'background' with people your character would know, but  you personally do not know. It's also meant to teach techniques that you can use with other participants to build similar relationships.

Dark Garden .pdf Files Online
I have posted the Dark Garden modeling guidelines and information sheet at
Michelle asked me to remind all interested parties that you need to turn in the completed model information sheet to her during dress rehearsal weekend.  You can also pick up a blank copy from Michelle at the Dark Garden booth that weekend.

Macbeth Needs WITCHES and a BOY ACTOR!
from Paul:
Scotland is now well populated with Burly Victorian Men, but is in sore need of a good witch or two, and a Boy actor to Flee from the scene of Horrible Murther!

Please contact Paul Jeninngs at for details.

Book Characters Still Wanted
from Rydell:
The following roles are ones we would very much like to fill and remain open for audition. We're looking for strong actors to portray these vivid and fascinating works of Mr. Dickens imagination.

Ralph Nickleby (Nicholas Nickleby) - Cold, calculating, brusque and cruel businessman. Nicholas' uncle.
James Steerforth (David Copperfield) - Aristoctratic young rakehell. Tragically romantic.
Frank Cheeryble (Nicholas Nickleby) - Heroic young middle class gentleman. Kate Nickleby's love interest.
Bradley Headstone (Our Mutual Friend) - Scarily tightly wound schoolmaster with issues. Middle class.
Matilda Price (Nicholas Nickleby) - Good hearted, gregarious Yorkshire girl. Engaged to John Browdie. Middle class.

In addition, the Other Books is looking for a few bad men
Sir Mulberry Hawk needs feckless upper-class, hard-drinking, hard-gambling cronies to fill his entourage and help spread some holiday leer.  If you're more inclined towards colorful dockside, undeserving poor characters; ragged, hardened, mysterious, half-mad and sometimes downright scary there are a few of those roles open as well.

Please consult Therese or Rydell at the Book Character rehearsals after the workshop days are concluded.

Play With the Can-Can!
(I knew that would get your attention)
From Monique:
The members of Cancan Bijou would like to set up some gigs during the run of fair!  These gigs need to be
positive interactions, no catfights please!  Please contact Monique Woodruff, the Director of Cancan Bijou
or her assistant, Lauri Costigan, if you are interested in playing with the high kicking ladies of Mad Sal's!

Timegames: It Takes Two (or more) to Play This Game!
from Phyllis:
Everyone in the Dickens Christmas Fair enjoys playing games with Time. We are shapeshifters par excellance; when we do lots of research our playing field becomes even larger and full of more intriguing possibilities!

Now we've truly opened up the Timegame to patrons. With an average of 1000 patrons each day last year picking their assumed names and occupations thereby inviting you all to play Timegames with them. (Please email ways you played last year, plus suggestions for those more inexperienced.)

A great change in how patrons sign up this year: at least 10 Timetravel stations throughout the fair will invite all patrons to play. In '04 it was chaos to use the lobby as the only sign-up place!

This year huge beribboned badges will be worn by our wandering Timegames Tour Guides who can better approach those patrons who have not yet chosen their assumed names and occupations. We need at least five more "tour guides" from 12:00 - 3:00.

Comp tickets can be earned or whimsical rewards will be yours! You'll check on the tour stations, engage patrons in playing Timegames - meanwhile seeing the whole fair... perhaps even being wandering information guides. Your large beribboned badges will identify you as helpful folks.

Shopkeepers, gamesplayers, performers, and tavernkeepers: respond to all who are badged even if only with a "Good Day" and their name. They are our instant long-time friends, not strangers.

Contact Phyllis at 415-892-0162 or

Cheap Hair!
from Annie:
Annie Lore, of cheap hoops fame, is now supplying cheap wigs and hairpieces. Lots of ringlets and sausage curls, fast turnaround on orders. Look for her rummage table this coming Sunday from 11:00 to 2:00, with pieces to buy or order to have at Dress or even sooner. For any questions, contact Annie Lore at

Calling Card Email Address Repaired
from Don:
For anyone who has emailed about calling cards to  and had their email bounced, the email problem appears to have been solved.  It had silently been forwarding mail to it from another address, but not accepting email directly to the address (don't ask.) Please re-send your emails. Hopefully, they will get through. Anyone who has further problems can email me (Don Cox) at

To sign up for the missives, please email, and request to be added to the missive list.

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