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Dickens Christmas Fair 2006 November Missive #1- Thanks & Oops
(sent November 9th, 2006)

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times"
(and if you don't know what that's from, read more Dickens. <grin>)

First of all, thanks so much to all the people at workshops who worked hard, laughed hard, cheered hard and were careful with the classrooms, putting chairs and desks away properly, sweeping, etc. Second, some of us were not as helpful and some of the students projects were moved and damaged, desks were not put away, etc. The upshot? With some careful negotiations by Stephen Johnson (thanks Steve!) we can use the school this weekend, but not in the future. They have also given us a list of rules for this coming weekend:

1) No food or drink in the classrooms
2) No sitting on counters
3) No sitting at or using teacher's desk/materials
4) No moving of student work/projects
5) No moving of furniture (if movement is needed, please go outside)
6) A recycling bin will be placed in the courtyard area; please have folks empty liquids in drain before putting bottles/cans in recycling bin.

The rooms that we will be using will probably not be the same as they were last week, so please arrive early to see where the new rooms will be. Please be very careful to not move anything and if you see something moved, put it back in it's place. Thanks very much.

Special Missive Notes: (Please remember to contact the posters of individual notices, rather than replying to me.  For the Timegames notice, please reply to Phyllis, her email address is at the bottom of that missive)
All previous missives (and downloadable files such as schedules) can be found at

In This Missive:
Area 51 Hours
Entr'Acte Auditions Postponed
Costume Approval Reminder
Cheap Ribbon
Great Race of London Sign-Ups!
"Who's Your Daddy" T-Shirts - Taking Orders Again!
The Old Bailey Online
Notes From The Elite Printing Company
Photo Parlour Needs Printing Clerk & Desk Clerk
Hallelujah Chorus Learning Aids

Area 51 Hours
The hours of the registration table at Area 51 are from 9:30Am to 4:00PM. Apologies to those of you who came after 4:00 last weekend.

Entr'Acte Auditions Postponed
Entr'Acte auditions scheduled for this weekend have been postponed until dress rehearsal weekend. Watch the missive for more information.

Costume Approval Reminder
(from Kathy)
Don’t forget everyone! Get your costume approved this weekend to avoid the long lines next weekend!

Come to approval fully dressed- or if you are building your booth, please bring a recent photo of you I your clothes AND your director or booth owner along to vouch for you.

Thank you!

Cheap Ribbon
(Peg Healy forwards the following)
Michael's in Pinole (off Richmond Parkway between Fitzgerald and Appian Way exits) is selling 9-foot rolls of cloth ribbon in nonmetallic plaids and bright colors for 99 cents each through Saturday. The regular price is $1.99 a roll, which is not too bad. They vary from narrow red or green grosgrain ribbon to one-inch-wide plaids. The seasonal ribbon display is towards the back of the store, to the left of the front door.

Great Race of London Sign-Ups!
(from Peter Overstreet)
The Great Race of London is looking for cast/crew! I've managed to fill SOME spots...but I still need some of the following:

1. Betting Agents / Prize Distributors
2. Villainous henchmen.
3. Chicken tossers.
5. Christmas Ghosts

This weekend at workshops, I will be setting up a sign-up station for people who want to help. Please come see me sometime during the weekend.

"Who's Your Daddy" T-Shirts - Taking Orders Again!
(from Peter Overstreet)
I will be taking orders for Who's Your Daddy t-shirts again. Shirts are still $20 a piece, and come in any size you'd like.

HOWEVER, there is a catch. I must have a minimum order of 20 shirts in order to make this happen. SO...if we've got 20+ orders, we'll place the order. Again, come and see me during workshops. I accept checks or cash. IF we do not reach our order goal, I will refund your money to you.Proceeds still benefit the Great Race of London, and this round of shirts will help us with the props and sets we still need to buy.


Peter Overstreet

The Old Bailey Online
(from Teri Pope - the old Bailey is discussed in Peter's "Cruel Brittania" workshop)
The Old Bailey Online site is a full online compendium of the Old Bailey Proceedings from 1674 to 1834.  As
you may know The Old Bailey is the main court in London.  Besides the transcripts, the site has several wonderful articles on criminal and civil matters in England, such as women and crime, and minorities, etc.
 The site is at

Notes From The Elite Printing Company
(from Don Cox)
-- Calling Card orders for your character will again be taken by Sully.  The deadline for cards is end of dress rehearsal weekend, so get your orders in quickly!  Email Sully at:

-- Sully needs help moving press equipment on and off the trailers.  He will be unable to do much physical labor, so is looking for a few people to help who can follow his directions closely. 

-- The Bulletin Newspaper has its traditional home at Sully's print shop.  Thanks again for the offers of alternate accommodations.  The paper will again be published each Dickens' Fair weekend.  As before, non-commercial articles are free and Dickens' Fair vendor ads are $10/sq-in (2 x 1/2 in increments) to help offset printing costs. Email historical articles, characters activities, and gossipy tidbits to:
-- Web page is at

Photo Parlour Needs Printing Clerk & Desk Clerk
(from Alwyn L'hoir)
My long time crew for the photo parlour had some family stuff come up at the last minute.  I desperately need a computer (Mac) literate printing clerk, and a desk/sales clerk for the photo parlour.  Pay is excellent, with bonuses based on booth gross.  Contact :

Hallelujah Chorus Learning Aids
(from Neassa)
I went looking for sheet music and midi/mp3 files of the separate parts for the Hallelujah Chorus. I hit the jackpot.

This site is trying to sell their system - but the free samples happen to be the parts for the Chorus emphasized individually, with the entire choir behind. (wmp and mp3 files)
Several different sources for free sheet music so you can follow along with the singers on the first link. (pdf files)

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