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DCF 2006 - Timegames Invitation to Local School Drama Classes
(sent November 8th, 2006)
(Note from Cat - This is special Timegames missive from Phyllis Patterson, your regular missive will follow shortly.)

Timegames Invitation to Local School Drama Classes
Since performing arts in our schools are so underfunded, what think you of gifting Dickens Christmas Fair tickets for several drama classes in the Bay Area? An enthusiastic response has been felt by all our Dickens Christmas Fair performing artists who have heard the news! If you have connections to drama classes at a high school, college, or high school homeschooling group, or to other theatre groups - let me know now!

We will provide this offer and honor in your name to your favorite high school or college drama class. Free tickets to outstanding performing arts departments will go to select classes in over 40 schools for this Dickens Fair. I must know NOW (today or tomorrow) if you have a high school or college class and teachers you wish to honor.

Your name will be on the "grant". The teacher can then reserve a specific fair day by contacting me. I'll need his or her email and school phone number by Tuesday before a more general invitation goes out and reservation choices are less. High school homeschools are also OK and/or other theatre groups you may belong to.

FYI - this year's TIMEGAMES ADVENTURE will be hosted at the Green Man Public House and this new game will be online shortly at Students you are honoring will receive their personal guide to The Game. Here's a copy of the letter the students will receive.

Begin your time-travel to the London of Charles Dickens by choosing your name and occupation from the lists at Create your Badge of Proper Introduction online and feel free to decorate it in Victorian style.

Playing Timegames is great fun, but even greater fun and a far richer experience is created when the player knows much of the Life and Times being played. For this specific Timegame the period is 1840 through 1869. To this journey back in time to Charles Dickens' London Town we have invited forty performing arts classes to experience virtual online lifestyle workshops plus a subsequent adventure game played live at the Fair. This new 2006 season game will be online for the public shortly.

To help you in your quests, here is an advance guidebook to print out and take with you to the Fair – the Guidebook supplies clues to completing each Adventure. Meet these challenges to win a surprising prize between 3:00-4:00 (tea time.)

Here is your very, very own private look at the new and never before attempted Timegames Adventures for the Dickens Christmas Fair and Victorian Holiday Party.

Hint: Adventures need not be experienced in any particular order. Read them all in advance to know the characters when you chance to see them.

Adventure the First:

After signing in as a timeplayer at the Green Man Public House, find the nearby Fezziwig’s Dance Party. You are invited to dance or simply tap your foot to the lively mazurkas, polkas, waltzes, and schottisches. Costumed dancers will even teach you a step or two if you care to take a turn on the dance floor.

The dance your joined/observed:

Adventure the Second:

Find Mr. Charles Dickens.* Then ask him, “Please sir, if I was to be a character in one of your great novels which book would you put me in? Oh, I would so admire to be put in one of your stories!”

His answer:

*Mr. Dickens may be found wandering the streets of London to take notes for his next book or he may be reading aloud to listeners from A Christmas Carol at the Green Man Public House (mind! don’t interrupt his reading!) or he may be found at the Dickens Family Christmas party. If he cannot be found it is permissible to ask the question of a Dickens family member.

Adventure the Third:

"The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club" was the jolliest book ever written in these “best” and “worst of times” in Londontown. They revel in retelling their high adventures in search of “new” scientific wonders. Ask a member of the Pickwick Club to tell you of their most humorous adventure.

Hint: Their members enjoy a lengthy luncheon of good beer and pork pies and storytelling at the Green Man Public House and at the various pubs throughout the town and throughout the day.

The Adventure in brief:

Adventure the Fourth:

Seek out a London street seller such as Flossy Fern, Maudie Hawkins or Maggie Magpie. All are familiar street vendors who cry their wares throughout the day. You will know them by their ragged clothes and loud voices. Pick one and tell what seems to be being offered in this 19th century commercial:

Adventure the Fifth:

Take aim in a game of darts at the Cat & Bull Gaming Parlour.
What was your score?
Masters are on hand to help you hit the bull's eye.

Adventure the Sixth:

With your imagination and skill make a holiday gift at the Traditional School.

Your gift is:

Adventure the Seventh:

At the Adventurers’ Club ask the doorman (with proper courtesy), “Please, sir, can you point out a celebrated person here with whom I might converse?” Many of the famous gather in this club. You may be specific and ask to meet a famous writer, explorer, scientist or military personage.

Who was it and why was he or she an eminent person?

Adventure the Eighth:

Again, track down the celebrated Mr. Charles Dickens to ask him the whereabouts of the Crachit family, who figure prominently in Mr. Dickens’ phenomenally successful short story, A Christmas Carol. (Or simply ask passers-by if they have seen the Crachits.) When you meet the Crachit family ask any one of them what they think of Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge.

Their thoughts:

Note to Adventurers: It is not essential that you dress in the costume of Victorian England in the time of Charles Dickens’ most illustrious career (1850-1869). However if you choose to do so there is a costume workshop online and at your service! BEING IN THE PROPER ATTIRE IS A REVELATORY EXPERIENCE AND WILL COUNT AS TWO OF THE SIX ADVENTURES. You need to play to win a specific prize especially chosen for you. First you must, of necessity, finish six of the eight Adventures and bring your Adventure Challenge answers to the Green Man Public House between 3:00 and 4:00 (Tea Time!) to acquire your surprising prize!

Game Well Played!!

Help Wanted!!!
We now have five Timegames tour guides to wear bounteously and beautifully beribboned badges. Five more tour guides would be a delightful addition - interested? See me or Liz Martin.

With All Sorts of Regards,
Phyllis Patterson

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