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Dickens Christmas Fair 2005 October Missive #6 - Addendum
(sent November 4, 2005)

Just a couple of last minute items. See you all tomorrow.

In This Missive:
Spam Blocking
Missive Items
Bay Bridge Traffic
TimeGames & TV
Adventurers' Club Needs Household Staff

Spam Blocking
If your friends tell you they are not receiving missives, please ask them to add this address to the approved list in their spam blockers. I'm getting a lot of bounced back missives because of spam blocking software.

Missive Items
If you have missive items that you wish to be included, please get them to me by noon on Thursday. The missives usually go out Thursday afternoon and I like to get them out before 5:00.  All items are subject to approval and editing, but I will try to be gentle.

Bay Bridge Traffic
Cal Trans is still working on the Bay Bridge, please allow extra time to get to workshops. for more information, see

TimeGames & TV
(from Phyllis)
It is a rare occasion to have TV news cover your intensive and effective rehearsal/workshops all which are accomplished in a precious few six days!! That process is exciting to see on television and will certainly pique more public interest and participation if a significant number of you are in costume on Saturday when Comcast TV is here. (Actually, reporters can show up at any time during workshops and costumes current or worn-long-ago draw more interest than jeans and a t-shirt.)

We'll  have blank badges for your shoulder to be filled in with your character name for this fair plus occupation to demonstrate the new way we involve our patrons. (And No! Fair Performers Are Not Wearing Badges At The Actual Fair! It simply helps in name recognition now.) Our table for that and Publicity Home Town stories should be where it was last year - handy at lunch time. Note: over 1,000 patrons a day wore badges and love the way you played Timegames at DCF '04. Rewards will be your if you can sign up to assist us with signup one hour a day at the fair.

Phyllis Patterson
Chief Instigator
A program for patron participation.

Adventurers' Club Needs Household Staff
The Adventurers' Club is looking for two or three actors to portray household staff, either maids or footmen.  Duties are light, and there is quite a bit of free time during the day.   I would like to make it very clear that these positions are actors portraying servants, not actual servants.  Some improv skills are desirable.

If you are interested, please see either Shelley Monson or Steve George during workshops.

Mrs. Shepherd, Housekeeper
The Adventurers' Club

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