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Dickens Christmas Fair 2006 October Missive #5 - Addendum
(sent November 2nd, 2006)

The email address for this item from today's missive is temporarily non-functional. Please use instead of until it is repaired. Please also note that this is a special gig with, and paid for by, our new advertising agency and that auditions will be required.

Off-Site Dickens Players Needed
Help us promote the Fair!  We need a group of Dickens characters to pass out tickets and advertising flyers at other events.  Most of these events will be on weekends while the Dickens Fair is going on.  Potential participants would need to leave the fair for a minimum of 4 to 5 hours at a time on Friday evening, and three or four Saturdays and Sundays.   We would be most honored if you were in your finest Dickens dress and character however street clothes will suffice if you prefer. The rate of pay for these events is $14-16 per hour. The dates are as follows:

November 18th & 19th                               4 workers
November 24th, 25th and 26th                6-7 workers
December 2nd & 3rd                                 4 workers
December 9th & 10th                                4 workers
Flyer pass out help is needed for other events in January and February as well! 
Please contact Shannon Damnavits at (415) 259-4056 or online at:

"Who's Your Daddy" T-Shirts Available This Weekend
(inadvertently left out of the previous missive)

The rumors are true. There are still “Who’s Your Daddy” t-shirts available, but only a limited number. The shirts come in sizes L, XL and 2XL, and are available for $20. We accept cash or checks (made out to Peter Overstreet). Proceeds from the sale of these shirts help fund The Great Race of London. Please…we need to sell ALL of these shirts so The Great Race can keep rolling on.

AND…For those of you who pre-ordered your “Who’s Your Daddy” shirts earlier this year, thank you! I have sorted them all with your names attached to them. Just come and find us (somewhere in the Main Hall of Workshops), and somebody from The Great Race of London cast will be happy to assist you. Remember to have a photo ID ready, because Peter might not be available to help you claim your shirt.

Thanks for your support,

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