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Dickens Christmas Fair 2005 October Missive #5
(sent November 1, 2005)

Hello everyone,

I don't have to tell you all that it's a busy week and we're all looking forward to workshops this weekend. There will probably be another missive before the end of the week, with some updates to the schedule.

Special Note: Since we are all so busy, please read the missives before asking questions. I try very hard to make all the information accessible to all of you, and don't really have the time to repeat things. Also, please contact the folks associated with each individual posting, don't just hit "reply". I try to be omniscient, but...

Previous missives are available online at I have created a backup missives page at for times when Mark hasn't had the chance to get the missives up on the official page This is not an official page, just a backup.

Special thanks to Kathy Kingman for her initiative and continued work to bring us the Toys for Tots promotion.  It will be great to have a tangible way to make the holidays a happy time for many children so adversely effected by this seasons hurricanes.  Remember to bring unwrapped, new gifts any day of the Fair and give them to the Marine stationed outside the entrance. Ask your guests to do the same!

In This Missive
Workshops Address
TV Shoot on Saturday (Need Four Volunteers)
Please Clean Up After Yourselves!
SALE SALE SALE!!! (Costume Rummage Sale)
Participant Ticket Special! - (CORRECTION from previous missive):
Holly Tree Club (Promotions)
Macbeth needs Men!
French Postcards – You KNOW You Want To!!
Theme Character Roles Still Open
OT: Our Own Jeffrey Weissman & Misha Frenklak in Indie Feature Movie

Workshops Address
The address is actually on Palmetto, not Palmetta Street:
Ingrid B. Lacy Middle School, 1427 Palmetto Ave., Pacifica, CA 94044

TV Shoot on Saturday (Need Four Volunteers)
We're going to have a film crew at workshops this Saturday  from "Inside City Limits" filming from 12:00-2:00. They will be filming individual segments to be used as the core of one of their upcoming shows, much the way Evening Magazine does. They want to see what we all do to prepare for the fair, so if Phyllis or I ask you to participate, please be helpful and flexible. The show should run before we open, giving us a nice PR boost.

(from Kathy)
They would like to do a segment which entails showing how a Victorian woman gets dressed. I am looking for a woman with full period garments (including undergarments) to get dressed on camera. We will begin with this woman in her undergarments pre-corset. Then with the help of one or two volunteers (also in period garb) dress in first the corset and then the full Victorian dress. I have three red velvet curtains to be a back drop. I am also looking for a period chair or stool. The aim is to make the shoot as elegant and beautiful as possible. I am looking for three ladies with poise and dignity. If you do not have the full period clothing but are a size 7 or 8 and wish to be a model please also feel free to contact me. 

I am also in need of a fully dressed gentleman to walk into frame and lead the fully dressed woman away in the end shot. 

Please contact Kathy at if you are interested in being a part of this performance art. There will be comps available for the volunteers.
Thank you!

Please Clean Up After Yourselves!
Please do not drop trash on the ground.
Please do not drop cigarette butts on the ground.
We will provide the proper receptacles.
This is a nice school, let's try and keep it that way.

SALE SALE SALE!!! (Costume Rummage Sale)
There is going to be an incredible amount of stuff on sale this week at the Rummage sale. D’Lynns is back with their very cool colored petticoats and inexpensive hats. Lynn Combs is going to bring back her stash from the haberdashery- she will also take orders to be delivered to you later. PLEASE bring CASH! It is always preferable to have cash over a check and none of the people who are selling have the onsite ability to take credit cards.

I have 7 people with lots of stuff confirmed. This means; if you were planning on just showing up with stuff to sell- you are probably going to be out of luck if you are counting on a tabletop. Anyone who still wants to sell please contact me or bring your own table/tarp to set things on.

I am asking that people who are going to sell, set up at around 10:30 am. The Morning meeting is at 10am so I am asking that every one hold off browsing until after the morning meeting.  There is a lot of important information that should not be ignored due to our shopping cravings. Thanks everyone! We'll see you at the sale!


Participant Ticket Special! - (CORRECTION from previous missive):

Raise money for your group or favorite charity (including starving artistes)!

Participant tickets cost $13 and box office tickets are $20!  However if you wish to raise money for your group, guild or favorite charity, you may receive these "fund-raiser" tickets at $10 (minimum 15 tickets) and sell them for any price up to $20 and keep the difference.  We suggest $15 which is the participant/group sales price and still $2 less than the  best  online price throughout the Fair.

Here's how:  Email   Request X number of tickets (minimum 15).  He will then email back a consignment form, you fill it our  - including a valid credit card number - fax it back, and we will send you the tickets.   This can also be done in person at workshops!  The credit card will not be touched until after the Fair.  You can return any unsold tickets at any time and pay cash for the tickets sold or ask us to charge them to your card.

That's it!  As an extra thank you, (and incentive), you will receive 1 complimentary ticket for every 15 tickets sold.  You will receive the comps after you pay for the tickets sold.  Yes, you can do this more than once during the run.  We will be giving you actual comps so don't use the consignment tickets as you will be charged for every consignment ticket not returned.

LIMITED quantity available.  Act now to get in on this great deal!

Note: All children's tickets are already discounted at $8.  We keep it low for all families.

Help us fill the show to capacity while raising money for a good cause of your choice. Thanks!

Holly Tree Club (Promotions)
(reminder from Kathy)
The key to a happy Dickens Fair season is a great show AND large crowds.  You already play a part in the former, please don a muffler and join us in creating the latter!  Begin by signing up for the Holly Tree Club at

Lot's of fun events coming up, so join in!

Macbeth needs Men!
That's right, Shakespeare's dark and brooding tragedy is looking for a few Dark and Brooding men who can act, or merely want to , and would like the opportunity to strut and fret their forty minutes upon the stage, and possibly swing enormous broadswords in the name of High Culture and Art!

French Postcards – You KNOW You Want To!!
Come, show your mettle.  You -- yes, YOU – daring and dashing ladies and gentlemen who raise the Dickens, are cordially invited to make a spectacle of yourselves!  French Postcards still needs a few good women (and MEN!) to provide our provocative (but not TOO provocative) evening show at the V&A. 
The show requires several ladies who will be in discreet nudity. This is to say not full frontal, and with the pertinent nethers tastefully draped, unless the pose is one being seen from the rear. Next, we will be needing several corseted lovelies.  It is not absolutely necessary that you own a splendid corset that you can show off to all the world to be one of these saucy femmes.  We will be showcasing the work of Dark Garden, our own internationally-known corsetiere.
Also, we will need at least one and preferably two completely dressed ladies (one older, one younger).  These are for roles such as lady's maid, waitress in cafe, and madam in a bordello. 
We require several dapper, well-dressed gentlemen.  (Bonus points for sporting dashing facial hair.)  A military man or two, too.   And, oh, yes, a knight in shining armor.  Or at least chain mail and a nice helmet.  Also, we need several daring and well-toned lads (preferably without facial hair but handsome moustaches are always acceptable) who will appear in short, Greek tunics. 
You want to, you know you do!  If only for the backstage stories you'll have to tell afterwards, my dears.  So DO come for the French Postcards meeting/auditions -- 2:30 PM, November 5, room #4.  We look forward, with your assistance, to providing a delicious frisson of scandal to evenings in London Town!

Theme Character Roles Still Open
Auditions will be 2:30PM Saturday, November 5th at the room posted in the schedule. There may also be follow-up auditions.  If you would like to audition for one of these roles, please email Robert Young at with the following information:

1. Your full name, email address and phone number
2. The character(s) you would like to audition for. (If possible, please prepare a bit of the dialogue for that character - see web resources in previous emails - and be prepared to improvise as that character.)
3. Your first, second and third choice of audition time on the posted date above. The auditions will be scheduled at 15 minute intervals, please be patient as we sometimes get a bit behind when auditioning promising actors.
4. Optional: A brief note of any experience you would like us to know about. We will have applications and accept resumes (not required) at the auditions.

Nicholas Nickleby
Smike - Nicholas' loyal yet physically debilitated sidekick in his adventures (teens - thin, frail and slow. VERY physically challenging)
Ralph Nickleby - Nicholas heartless uncle. A cold, manipulative businessman. (middle-aged to elderly)
Miss LaCreevy -  Ditzy, chatty widow or spinster who paints miniature portraits and runs a boarding house. (middle aged to elderly)
Charles Cheeryble - Force of nature and formidable philanthropist. (middle aged - chubby)
Edwin (Ned) Cheeryble - The same (his twin).  (middle aged - chubby)
Frank Cheeryble - Incredibly high spirited and well-meaning nephew and Kate Nickleby's love interest. (handsome young man)
Fanny Squeers - Plain, obnoxious and vindictive daughter of the evil schoolmaster, Wackford Squeers. (young, um...lady)
Matilda "Tildy" Price -  Fanny Squeer's best friend and fiancee to John Browdie. (pretty young woman)
Mr. Pike - Dandy rogue and ne'er do well. (young gentleman)
Mr. Pluck - Another one. (young gentleman)

David Copperfield
James Steerforth - Dashing young and aristocratic rakehell. (young gentleman)
Emma Micawber (Mrs) - Long suffering, good-naturedly hysterical helpmeet to the perennially impecunious Mr Micawber (middle aged and rather hystrionic)
Li'l Emily - Beautiful young woman doomed to a life of sin by her ambition. (young woman)

Great Expectations
Philip "Pip" Pirrip - A young man from very humble beginnings with great expectations. (young gentleman)
Mr. Wemmick - Eccentric lawyer, Pip's friend and advisor. (middle aged to elderly)
Abel Magwich - Ex-felon. Pip's secret benefactor. (middle aged to elderly)
Joe Gargary - Pip's good-hearted brother in-law. A humble blacksmith left behind by Pip's ambitions (middle aged).

Our Mutual Friend
Nicodemas "Noddy" Boffin - The "golden dustman," jolly working class gentleman made rich by a stroke of good fortune. (portly and jolly midle aged man)
Rogue Riderhood - "Colourful dockside character," and scoundrel of the first order (middle-aged)
Bradley Headstone - A frighteningly tight-wound schoolmaster and would-be nemesis of Eugene Wrayburn (young to middle aged gentleman)
Alfred Lammle - An extremely charming con-man (young to middle aged gentleman)
"Fascination" Flegby - A deceptively mild-mannered young man about town, associate of the Lammles. (young man)

Little Dorritt
Arthur Clennam - Long-suffering, poetically morose gentleman (early middle age - Mrs. Finching's former fiance).
Daniel Doyce - Indefatigable inventor and entrepreneur, the "Spirit of the Age" made manifest
Pancks - Man of business to a benign tyrant, a snorting tugboat of a man.

Martin Chuzzlewitt (only casting English, NOT American)
Mr. Pecksniff - An ambitious upper middle-class gentleman with a strong hypocritical streak (among his other carefully covered-up vices).
Mercy "Merry" Pecksniff - The younger Miss Pecksniff, lively to the point of pertness, the "pretty one"
Charity "Cherry" Pecksniff -   The elder Miss Pecksniff, very proper on the surface, the "smart one"
Martin Chuzzlewit (the elder) - Rich and cantankerous old gentleman.
Mary -  The elder Mr. Chuzzlewitt's companion and nurse, poor but proud, restrained and  sensible
Martin Chuzzlewit (the younger) -  A vain, strong-willed, egotistical and ambitious young man, the elder Martin's contentious nephew
Tom Pinch - Martin's preternaturally cheery and optimistic (to the point of delusion!) friend, and dogsbody to the Pecksniffs

OT: Our Own Jeffrey Weissman & Misha Frenklak in Indie Feature Movie
Our very own Jeffrey Weissman and Misha Frenklak have co-starring roles in the indie feature, 'Slapdash' (aka 'Weed') and it has a premiere date; it will be screened on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2005 at the VICTORIA
THEATRE in San Francisco at 7:30pm & 9:30pm.

The Victoria is located at 2961 16th Street between Mission and Capp. There is a parking garage one block up on 16th Street at Hoff (next to the BART Station).

The theatre is nearly 100 years old, with a huge movie screen and seats around 500 people. The Victoria staff will be operating the box office for the general public to attend.

Also, the 'Slapdash' website is up at

Jeffrey plays "Mosley" an errant two bit dealer that makes some bad choices in business partners and Misha is the worrisome accountant for "Mr Lou" the local crime boss. The other main characters are a drunk clown, a has been magician and a reforming stripper.  I don't want to tell you the rest of plot, but it's a fun dark comedy.

Contact Jeffrey if you want to be added to the guest list by November 7th.

To sign up for the missives, please email, and request to be added to the missive list.

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