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Great Dickens Christmas Fair Participant Publicity Information Sheet
(sent October 26th, 2006)

(415) 897-5089 phone/fax o
875 Cypress Avenue, Novato, CA 94947

Great Dickens Christmas Fair
Participant Publicity Information Sheet

Denise Lamott Public Relations is handling publicity for the 2006 Great Dickens Christmas Fair.  The more we know about you and your work, the more opportunities we will have to develop story ideas for newspapers, magazines, and broadcast media.  You can help by taking a few minutes now to answer the following questions. Then, please add anything else you want us to know about you and your work.

Participant's Name:

If Vendor, Name of Booth, Character Name
If Performer, Group or Show, Character Name:


Contact phone and e-mail:       

Media often want a local angle -- What community do you live in? Work in?
How are you connected to that community? Do you do something else of note there? (own a business, in the Chamber of Commerce, raise llamas?)

Please name any community newspapers or other local publications (including free ones) that serve your home or office area.

How many Dickens Fairs have you been involved with? Are other family members involved?

Do you have any personal media contacts with whom we can follow-up?

Do you have any upcoming publicity that might provide an opportunity for a Dickens Fair tie-in?

Do you have any fascinating hobbies or interests?

Do you have photographs of yourself that we can use for press purposes, if needed?

Please print out and return this form to Denise Lamott Public Relations, 875 Cypress Ave., Novato, CA 94947 or e-mail to

To sign up for the missives, please email, and request to be added to the missive list.

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