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Dickens Christmas Fair 2005 October Missive #1
(sent October 7, 2005)

Happy Friday to you all!

I am trying to get back on the schedule of getting missives out to you on Thursdays (or early Friday if I am waiting for a bit of information), so if directors have announcements, please get them to me by Thursday noon each week.

As with last year, I am currently working on Dickens part-time from my home office, and rather on a project basis, so if you don't hear back from me right away, don't be alarmed. Although I preview emails, I often leave them unopened so I don't forget to deal with each and every one of them. I had Avalon Rising performances last weekend, have a big Symphony Parnassus performance on Sunday, and have been very busy with scheduling and auditions (as well as my bookkeeping clients); my apologies for any delays. I don't always have the complete information with which to answer your questions, so have to delay my responses until I do, but I will get back to you. Next week's project will be workshops.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,


In This Missive:
Second Night of Book Character Auditions Tonight
Missives Available Online
Diana Young to Direct Naughty French Postcards
Macbeth Casting
Oliver Twist Movie
Two Opportunities to Warm up Your Dancing Shoes at Gaskells & PEERS

Second Night of Book Character Auditions Tonight
The second night of book character auditions is this evening. If you are interested and have not signed up, please check the previous missives for more information and email please email Robert Young at  We will have more auditions during workshops, but the really juicy roles go early.

Missives Available Online
Previous missives are now available online at

Diana Young to Direct Naughty French Postcards
We are very happy to announce that Diana Young will be directing Naughty French Postcards!
From Diana:

Yes, my dears, there WILL be Naughty French Postcards! 

More than suggestive, but a bit less than salacious -- evocative, provocative, and exquisitely erotic -- with the assistance of some stunningly lovely ladies and a few gallant gentlemen, willing to bare their souls (and a bit more) for their art, the fabled R-rated fantasy of Victorian repressions released will again grace the stage of the Victorian & Albert.  

Our own, our very, very own Mistress of the Dark Garden, Autumn Adamme, has agreed to collaborate with me in making this presentation of high-minded British sentiment and saucy French insouciance an unforgettable treat.  We aim to tease and tickle the imagination, and prick up the interest of discerning adults, as we bring the deliciously titillating tradition of living tableaux back to Dickens Fair London.

Fancy you'd like to help in this noble endeavor?  Let me know!  Assistance of several sorts will be required to mount this vision of vintage venery.   
Diana Young (

Macbeth Casting
From Paul Jennings:
The To-Be-Named-At-A-Later-Date Theatre Company is Casting for it's Dickens Christmas production of Shakespeare's "Macbeth", to be performed in that manner peculiar to the Victorians.

Most roles are open, all experiences levels are needed and most roles are still open.  Low pay, odd hours, chances of survival are small.

Please contact Paul ( with any questions.

Oliver Twist Movie
Robert and I saw Polanski's Oliver Twist last Saturday night and enjoyed it immensely. Beautiful costuming and street scenes, good adaptation and great acting. Of course it took some liberties with the story as always happens when condensing a book into a movie, one particular one was rather surprising, but I won't give that away here.

What did you think? Did you give away any flyers?

Post your thoughts and promotional ideas at the Holly Tree Club Yahoo Site at

Two Opportunities to Warm up Your Dancing Shoes at Gaskells & PEERS

Gaskells Victorian Masquerade Ball October 29th
From Frank Davis:
Dress up and dance till the Witching Hour at the Victorian Masquerade Ball, hosted by Ye Gaskells Occasional Dance Society. It¹s at Oakland¹s Scottish Rite Center, 1547 Lakeside Drive. (Back parking lot is on Madison Sreet.)

The Brassworks plays 8:30pm-12:00. This is a Costume Ball, as the Victorians would do it - but elegant Victorian period attire as well as modern formal & semi-formal attire are always welcome. Gaskells favorites include waltzes,
polkas, mazurkas, schottisches, Sir Roger de Coverley and The Congress of Vienna.

$20 Admission includes a complimentary dance lesson at 7:40, free punch & potluck fingerfood. (Do bring some to share!) Also, for those desiring it, a Dance Class is offered in the same ballroom, from 3:45 to 6:15 p.m., for a separate $10 admission.
Next Gaskell Balls:  December 17th and February 25th.
For more info visit

PEERS Le Bal des Vampires: November 5th
From Cathleen Myers:
Here's a fun place to practice your Victorian waltzing after Dickens' workshops.

Please join PEERS for their 12th annual Le Bal des Vampires at the Pleasanton Senior Center at 5353 Sunol Pleasanton on Saturday evening, November 5. Dance to haunting vintage and modern ballroom dance music by The Brazen Hussey and to the more modern selections of DJ Robyn Scott Forbes. While romantic waltzes dominate the program, we will dance everything from elegant Renaissance and Baroque set dances to Victorian polkas, mazurkas and schottisches to tangos, blues, Swing and classic rock. Special half-time performance by the notorious Le Theatre des Vampires.

Suggested costume is evening dress or dress uniform from the century of your rebirth - or vintage or modern evening dress. Tickets are $15 in advance (before October 29), $20 at the door. For more information, email, see our website at or call James and Cathleen Myers at (510) 522-1731.

To sign up for the missives, please email, and request to be added to the missive list.

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