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Dickens Christmas Fair 2005 September Missive Addendum
(sent September 30, 2005)

In This Missive
Oliver Twist Opens Locally Tonight!
Book Character Audition Date Clarification
Volunteer & Get Dickens Fair Comps
The Bulletin Newspaper

Oliver Twist Opens Locally Tonight!
Director Roman Polanski and Oscar-winning screenwriter Ronald Harwood (The Pianist) re-imagine Charles Dickens's classic tale of a young orphan boy in 19th century London. Abandoned at an early age, Oliver Twist (Barney Clark) is forced to live in a workhouse run by the awful Mr. Bumble (Jeremy Swift). Escaping into the dangerous and dirty streets, the penniless Oliver enters a life of crime after meeting the sinister Fagin (Ben Kingsley), mastermind of a gang of pickpockets that includes The Artful Dodger (Harry Eden). Rescued by the kindly Mr. Brownlow (Edward Hardwicke), Oliver starts a series of adventures that he hopes will lead him to a better life.
Official Web Site

Kevin says "If you are going, please consider going in costume and taking flyers.  Photocopy a handful off the website, cut in half, and hand 'em out to anyone who looks at you funny, or just anyone you want. Personal invites are always the best.  No need for movie theater permission on this basis.  We are working on that too and will keep you posted."  Flyers are available for download at

For more information on any planned group excursions (unknown at press time), please check at the Holly Tree Club Yahoo Site at That is also the place to sign up for the Holly Tree Club Yahoo list, rather than emailing the address given in the last missive, which has proved to be problematic.

Book Character Audition Date Clarification
The dates for the auditions are Wednesday October 5th and Friday October 7th starting at 7:00PM at my home in San Francisco.
If you would like to audition, please email Robert Young at with the following information:

1. Your full name, email address and phone number
2. The character(s) you would like to audition for. (Please prepare a bit of the dialogue for that character - see web resources above - and be prepared to improvise as that character.)
3. Your first, second and third choice of audition time on October 5th or 7th. The auditions will be scheduled at 15 minute intervals, please be patient as we sometimes get a bit behind when auditioning promising actors.
4. Optional: A brief note of any experience you would like us to know about. We will have applications and accept resumes (not required) at the auditions.

Volunteer & Get Dickens Fair Comps
Do you want comp tickets? Do you want friends and family to come out and play for free? Well, have I got a deal for you! 2 comp tickets are yours for the low, low price of one 4-hour shift at the front gate, taking tickets! The team of volunteers meeting, greeting, and taking customer's tickets is an important, yet sometimes overlooked part of the Faire. We are currently low in volunteer staff at the front gate and are in need of more people to help out. If you are interested, we would be glad to shamelessly bribe you by giving you 2 complimentary tickets for each 4 hours worked.

For further details, email me at  Thanks! Lori Wilson

The Bulletin Newspaper
THE BULLETIN NEWSPAPER will publish again at Dickens' Fair to make life more entertaining for any character we can find space for.  You are encouraged to submit articles early (*very* early if we use the linotype) to stir the gigging pot.  I edit together a combination of historical, literary, and just plain creative material to publish a brand-new issue each weekend.
ADVERTISEMENT SPACE for commercial ads is again solicited for The Bulletin at the same $10 per square inch rate we have maintained for the last four years. For that one price, your ad will run in all four issues at the Fair.
THE AGONY COLUMN, which Sherlock Holmes was so fond of following, will again spice-up the advertising sections of The Bulletin with fake ads to stir the pot.  You are encouraged to submit silly, historical, or otherwise entertaining material to this slush pile, as well.
A HOME FOR THE BULLETIN may again be needed in some other booth or environmental area if Sully does not have a space at the Fair.  Many thanks to Kathleen and the Green Man for putting up with me last year.  Contact me if you wouldn't mind the part-time company of a footsore journalist who is occasionally the focal point of death threats--er...improv gigs.
POSTERS can again be commissioned. 
CALLING CARDS are again the purview of Sully.  The price is $15 for 150.  Order deadline is Dec.4th, second weekend.  Orders by Nov.7th will be available opening weekend.  Please provide good contact information inside and outside of
Fair, in addition to what you wish on the card.  If you ordered one last year, it may still be set, so let Sully know.  Anything requiring more than text on one side in one color generally will add to the cost.
ONLINE INFORMATION for our activities can be found on my old Earthlink page at whenever the
dedicated website of is not being hosted.
CONTACT Sully for calling cards at
CONTACT Don Cox (Justin Case) for The Bulletin, ads, and all else at

To sign up for the missives, please email, and request to be added to the missive list.

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